About us

Why was Progress Distribution formed? What did we see that was missing?!
Once upon a time, ‘Value-Added Distributor’ was the phrase to differentiate oneself from the rest. Now we have the latest nomenclature, “Disruptive Value Add Distributors,” as if the name makes up for the short-falls.

Progress Distribution fills the large void left by ICT broad line distributors who are either not willing, or unable to address the needs of the market.

So, why is Progress so different?
We ENABLE new business.

How do we do this?
Firstly, our focus is bringing exciting new vendors whose technologies are going to make a difference to VARs’ and their customers’ business.

Our commitment to our Vendors is clear; aggressive and cost effective business generation, incubation services and FLEXIBLE distribution strategies.

For Technology VARs, we work with you to create NEW business, not taking advantage of your installed customer relations like the others wish you too.

Our whole ethos is built on building NEW business together and using Progress to do that for you.

For End User Customers; we know we are a distributor and that is our place in the value chain, however, that does not stop us working with vendors and VARs to ensure you get the best from your technology investment strategy. At last, a very refreshing approach from a true VAD, in a very fast changing market.